Welcome to Market Your Boudie Off!

What does it take to build a boudoir business? How can you attract the clients you want to work with and make the profit you’ve been dreaming of, all while staying true to your brand and sticking to your budget? With this exclusive online course, we can help you build a boudoir marketing strategy that wins hearts, minds and bookings!

How to Market Your Boudie Off is the course I wish I’d been able to take when I launched my own boudoir business. Just one or two of these lightbulb moments would have saved me a whole lot of time, money and energy. It would have seriously shortened my journey to the marketing that works for my brand.

Had I known these simple strategies right from the start, I could have built the recognition, client list and profits I needed. I could have sidestepped the objections that stopped my ideal clients from booking with me and got my business where it needed to go in weeks, instead of years.

Sign up right for this exclusive course now and you’ll get 25 core lessons over 5 modules, with lifetime access so that you can work through each step at your own pace. You can also download the video, audio and transcript files to keep on your own computer or take with you on the go.

I’ve created this course to be a shortcut to success for a new or growing boudoir studio. I’m sharing all my hard-won wisdom because I want you to be able to get your marketing right the first time.

I want to help you get the word out and bring in non-stop business, all with the minimum of time and expense. I want you to build a brand that’s irresistible to the women you really want as your clients.

This course will show you exactly how to launch your marketing campaign, including those secret strategies that marketing experts like to keep to themselves. I want to show you how to make the marketing techniques you already know about work in the world of boudoir and open your mind to the unique ideas that made my own business so successful. And I want to show you exactly how to use all this marketing knowhow to get the results your business needs.

How to Market Your Boudie Off is a comprehensive map to everything there is to know about boudoir marketing, packed with inspiration for building a winning campaign. It’s a foolproof course to the marketing that actually works for a boudoir business and makes your ideal clients really want to work with you.

Everything I’ve learned over years of trial and error about building a successful and lasting boudoir brand is included in this easy-to-follow course. Whether you’re just starting out in boudoir photography or you’ve hit a roadblock in your marketing, you’ll find tips, tricks and ideas that will send your business skyrocketing.

Not only will you discover the tried and true strategies that are proven to work specifically for a boudoir business, you’ll find out exactly how to adapt them to your own brand. How to Market Your Boudie Off will change your business forever – and quite possibly your life!

Here’s a brief taste of what you’ll know by the time you finish this course:

Module 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success

  • Discover 10 little-known psychological principles at the heart of every thriving marketing campaign – you might not know they exist, but they’ve been influencing you all along!
  • Identify and attract the perfect clients – the women who will love your style and splash plenty of cash on your products.
  • Make sure your business appeals only to the clients you’re looking for. No more misers, complainers and difficult daisies to deal with.
  • Turn an “I’ll think about it” into a “yes, yes, right now!” and get those perfect clients flocking to your studio.
  • Take the pressure off by building marketing into your everyday life and learn the secrets of keeping yourself on track, no matter how disorganised you think you are!

Module 2: Marketing that Matters

  • Lay the groundwork that will make your brand a household name, appealing to just the right clients at just the right time.
  • Create a brand that reflects exactly who you are as a photographer and charms your perfect clients.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by letting the ladies know there’s no better boudoir studio.
  • Turn your website into a conversion-generating machine!
  • Make the most of your relationship with a client, from start to finish – and find out how to make sure she goes home singing your praises and desperate for more.
  • Sell the products you want to sell to make the profit you’ve always dreamed of.

Module 3: Marketing Strategies that Change Everything

  • Create a ripple effect that will spread word of your business without you ever lifting a finger!
  • Put together mouth-watering promotions that your clients can’t possibly resist.
  • Discover the marketing strategies that widen your appeal to a whole new set of clients, bringing in the bookings you never thought you could.
  • Make friends and influence people in industries like your own and use these relationships to boost your profile and bring in extra profits.
  • Set yourself up as the go-to brand in your area and make your clients want to help you succeed.
  • Find out everything you need to know about the marketing strategies that really work – and how to put them into action.

Module 4: Winning Hearts and Minds on the Internet

  • Use behind-the-scenes search engine tools your competition doesn’t know about to keep your brand in front of website visitors, long after they browse elsewhere.
  • Make the “new rules” of Facebook work to your advantage while your competitors are running for the hills.
  • Climb the search engine rankings in just a few easy steps – and make sure it’s the right people in the right place who are finding you.
  • Create online marketing materials that don’t just look pretty, but energise your ideal clients to book a photoshoot right now.
  • Learn how a little social proof here and there can make clients eager to work with you.
  • Create content that will have your clients hanging on your every word, even if the thought of writing makes you want to hide under a rock.
  • Position yourself as an expert amongst your competition and become the first and only choice for everything boudoir.
  • Discover the secret ingredient in every winning online campaign – it’s a lot easier to make your brand work for you than you might think.

Module 5: How to Keep Those Clients Coming Back for More

  • Win back those loyal clients for more photoshoots, more word of mouth advertising and more profit for your business.
  • Bring in bookings all year round from the repeat business you didn’t know was possible.
  • Change up your business profile to launch exciting new promotions that tempt your clients back again and again.
  • Turn a one-time client into a devoted follower of your business and an ambassador for your brand – and use this to build the boudoir business you’ve always dreamed of.

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“I’ve learned a lot from this course. Specifically, I love all the purchasing theory and psychology that was sited throughout the course. It’s clear that a great deal of time and effort into making this a polished educational product. There were times that I had to “pinch” myself to know that I was not dreaming and that this was indeed an intensive course on marketing for my specific niche of photography. This is an excellent foundation for marketing your boudoir business. It’s curriculum is organized, thorough and well written. A must-have for any budding boudoir photographer.” – Danielle

“If I were to recommend this course to a friend, I would tell them it is worth every penny as the information is great! No fluff and straight to the point! Definitely worth it for any business, like all your other products. My favourite part is the option of downloading the transcript so I can read it at my own leisure. Thank you for not disappointing and for not being too expensive 🙂 You are my favourite boudoir option for education.” – Ange

About the Author

This course was researched and developed by Kathy Honeybourne, a life-long photographer who has been pushing the boudoir industry in Toronto since not a lot of people knew what boudoir was.

I started out photographing babies and children but, after dabbling in boudoir, I fell in love with the creativity and the feeling that comes from showing women just how beautiful they really are. I learned quickly that the secret to getting a boudoir business started is to market, market, market – and then wow your clients with your customer service and talents!

When I first started, there wasn’t much available in the way of educational products for boudoir photographers. Because I want you to be able to take as much fulfillment from your career as I have, I launched the Boudoir Business Boutique and created this guide to package all that I have learned in an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-implement way. My hope is that you will take the wisdom and knowledge that comes from years of exploring options and use it to build your own business – the easy way!