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Choosing the right marketing for your boudoir business

In the old days, before cyberspace was even a word, the only marketing channels available to your business were good, old-fashioned print and word of mouth. These offline boudoir marketing methods worked well – after all, they were also the only way for a consumer to find out about new services. But now the world is hyperlinked together through blog posts and tweets, should you be concentrating on online boudoir marketing options instead?

To answer that question, you’ll need to work out what your ideal clients really want – and how you’re going to give it to them.

  • Do your ideal clients still read newspapers and magazines? If you’ve built a clear picture of your ideal client, you should be able to answer this question. The smaller the community, the more business-minded your client and the more involved she is in local events and politics, the more likely she is to be reading local offline publications.
  • Is your community fluent with the internet? In some parts of the world, it’s hard to remember a time before you could order a pizza online or check your email ten times a day. In others, there’s still a perception that the internet is a last resort, rather than a first port of call. Whether you focus more on online boudoir marketing or offline boudoir marketing might be as simple as working out whether your ideal clients are technophobes or online aficionados.
  • Where do your ideal clients look for business-specific information? There’s a difference between reading for pleasure and looking for specific information. Your ideal clients might subscribe to the local weekly, but are they doing it to find out about events, businesses and offers? Conversely, they might have a Twitter account to keep up with friends, or they might be using it to follow local and national events. Where are your ideal clients more likely to go when browsing for business info?
  • What kind of budget are you working with? Finally, it’s worth factoring in your marketing budget when deciding to opt for online or offline. The former is often cheaper, but the latter might have a deeper reach into your community. So while you might get more advertising for your money online, will it necessarily be better? Err on the side of what you can afford but remember that less can sometimes be more when it comes to reaching the right clients.

Most boudoir marketing campaigns today focus on a balanced mix of offline and online marketing opportunities – it’s uncommon to ignore one completely in favour of the other. How far you lean in one direction or the other will need to depend on your exact situation.

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