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Have you set your boudoir marketing goals?

The biggest marketing mistake a business owner can make is to plow ahead determinedly without really knowing where it is you want to go. Unless you set your boudoir marketing goals, how can you be sure that you’re heading in the right direction or know how quickly you’re likely to get there?

Every business has needs, whether or not you’ve had the chance to fully articulate them. A new boudoir business might be looking to build its client list, while an established studio might need to diversify its services, attract a new type of booking or entice its clientele to come back for a little bit more.

Have you set your boudoir marketing goals yet? Do you know where you want to be in a decade’s time – or even in a year? If you haven’t, it’s time to set aside an hour or two to think about the future of your business.

  • Your Clients: Are you getting the right clients already or is your booking list filled with women who can’t really afford what you’re offering? Are you attracting enough clients in general or is your little black book still alarmingly thin? Decide who your idea client really is and how many of her you need to be photographing each week for your business to be successful.
  • Your Followers: When you send out an email to the ladies on your list, are you words reaching every potential client in your community or are they falling on deaf ears? When you shout out a promotion or a special event on social media, is there anybody there to listen? Decide where you want to be visible online and to how many potential clients.
  • Your Repeat Bookings: When a client leaves the studio with an album tucked under one arm, is that the last you ever see of her? Are you full of great ideas to invite her back for a second and third photoshoot, or are you still hoping for that spark of inspiration? Decide how much of your business you would like to come from repeat bookings and how you’re going to make that happen.
  • Your Services and Products: Are you giving your clients exactly what they want or still trying to build the right collections to appeal to your ideal prospects? Are you changing up your selection to keep your clients coming back for more, or stuck in a rut you can’t think your way out of? Decide what you want your studio to be known for and what you most want to sell.
  • Your Reputation: Does your business jump straight to mind when your ideal clients think about boudoir? Do they consider you to be the fun, classy, quirky, high fashion or retro studio you’ve always wanted to be known as? Decide what reputation you want to build and how you’ll go about it.

Setting goals for your growing or new boudoir studio is a total package deal. You need to know what it is you want in the long term and how you plan to achieve it in the short term. And we would like to help you do that.

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