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Ways to Market your Boudoir Business Locally – Part 1

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Part One – Offline Methods for Boudoir Marketing

In today’s virtual and technologically advanced world, it is easy to forget that ‘back in the day,’ businesses were marketed in much more personal ways than through the internet.  And while the gift of online marketing is still an incredibly useful and lucrative way of advertising, you should also be familiar with how to market your business locally.

1.  Partner with local businesses!  There is an abundance of hair salons, spas, gyms, wedding boutiques, women’s clubs, lingerie stores and other local businesses that cater mainly to women.  To enhance your boudoir marketing efforts, leave your cards or brochures with them, provide a referral service and/or share client lists. Look for other local women who are selling products such as skin care or hosting  lingerie parties and engage in mutual referrals and co-marketing.

2.  Referrals. Offer incentives and bonuses to your current clients if they refer new clients.  Everyone wins in this arrangement.  Excited former clients will spread the word like wild fire, especially if there is an incentive involved.

3.  Trade Shows.  Set up a booth at local trade shows and events such as Bride or Women’s Shows. Don’t be afraid to look for shows targeted towards women’s empowerment. Check with local venues to get a listing. Getting out into the public eye helps people meet you and see what you have to offer. These venues are also a great way to build an email list for newsletters, announcements and specials as well as to network with other like-minded businesses.

4.  Information Events.  Another boudoir marketing ideas is to host an information day that gives potential customers an opportunity to see your finished products and find out more about your services.  Team up with other local businesses to create an event.

5.  Mall Displays.  Mall displays work particularly well for boudoir marketing, especially if located near lingerie retailers.  This gives you an automatic link to clients that might be interested in your services. Inquire into the pricing of mall posters, you may be surprised at how inexpensive they can be.

6.  Vehicle Marketing.  Use your vehicle to market your business.  Magnetic placards or vinyl decal with your logo and information can be purchased inexpensively.  I might stay clear of a complete vehicle wrap with boudoir images

  But displaying your logo, tagline, phone number and website are a must.

See Part 2 for more ideas of how to market your boudoir business locally !


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