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Who is our Ultimate Course to Boudoir Marketing For?

MYBO_courseSince we launched our ultimate online course for boudoir marketing, How to Market Your Boudie Off, a few people have contacted us to ask if it can help them transform their brand. Not every boudoir business is at the same stage in its lifecycle, so we’ve decided to break things down to show you what this boudoir marketing course can do for you, whatever your current situation.

Is your boudoir business brand new?

If you are preparing to launch your studio, because your career is just getting started or you’re finally going it alone, the first step is to get the word out there so you can attract the bookings your business needs to survive. Our boudoir marketing course will help you get started by creating a plan that will actually work to attract the clients you really want and reach your goals for the first year – and beyond.

Are you adding boudoir as an additional photography service?

To launch boudoir as a new service, you’ll need to start promoting your brand in a whole new way. You have cash flow and a base of popularity, but boudoir is different to portrait or family photography services. Our boudoir marketing course will walk you through the strategies that work specifically for boudoir – the ones that will make your ideal clients desperate to set a date for their booking.

Do you want to take your boudoir brand to the next level or climb out of a slump?

Every boudoir studio gets a certain amount of business through word of mouth and novelty, but that’s not enough to sustain your business in the long run. If you’ve reached a plateau or your marketing doesn’t seem as effective as it once was, Market Your Boudie Off can help you revitalise your campaign, building in more reasons to choose you over your competitors, more ideas to attract clients and more ways to find the clients who seem to be hiding from you.

Are you stuck in a cycle of attracting new clients and never again seeing the old?

It’s frustrating to know that, after you’ve delivered her products, you’ll never hear a peep from a client again. Convincing a client to come back for more is both easier and more cost effective than winning her over for the first time. We’ll show you how to turn your clients into lifelong ambassadors for your brand and win word-of-mouth advertising that will turn a single client into a whole group of boudoir converts.

Sign up for How to Market Your Boudie Off right now and you’ll get immediate access to 25 core lessons over 5 modules. Come back to the website whenever you like or download the video, audio and transcript files to keep on your own computer and take with you on the go.

And as a special thank you, for a limited time you will also receive our exclusive eBook, How to Run a Successful Boudoir Marathon, completely free! See you on the website – we can’t wait to show you how easy it is to market your boudie off!

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