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Why We Want the Boudoir Industry to Thrive

Yes, we admit it: we do have an ulterior motive for launching an online course that shows you how to market a boudoir photography business – but it’s probably not what you’re thinking. It’s not because we want to get rich quick, and it’s not because we’d like to retire from the boudoir photography business and don a pair of teacher spectacles instead. The truth is that we want the whole boudoir industry to grow, succeed and thrive.

Helping you establish and grow your business is our passion because we believe boudoir has an important part to play in the modern world. There’s no better way to empower women to see their own beauty and let go of the depressing standards that society forces upon them. For us, this is all about proving that you don’t have to be Angelina Jolie to be beautiful.

We Want Every Woman to Know What Boudoir Can Do for Her

Boudoir is still growing as an industry, which can make it difficult for a fledgling boudoir photography business to grow. One of the biggest hurdles we all face starting out is explaining to our clients what boudoir is all about. But the more of us out there creating amazing art, the more women will be aware that we exist – and that we’re here to make them feel beautiful.

We Want to Banish the Misconceptions

Every industry has its growing pains. We’re betting that nobody knew what the point of sliced bread was either, at one point. For boudoir photography, the challenge is the misconceptions. We’re not glamour or pornography – we’re all about artistic and beautiful imagery that empowers women. The better known boudoir becomes, the fewer times we’ll hear the dreaded “porn” comparison.

We Want Every Woman to Have This Opportunity

The more of us who choose to follow our dreams, the more clients we will collectively be photographing – which means more women experiencing the confidence boost of a boudoir session and those women will be passing on the word. If we had our way, there would be a studio in every community across the world, and perhaps one day there might be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know we could reach out to every single woman on the planet?

We Want Your Career to Bring You Fulfillment

And finally, we want boudoir to be as rewarding for you as it is for the women you photograph. We’ve enjoyed such fulfillment from our own careers, and we’d like to help you achieve the same.

Because these things are so important to us, we’ve poured every bit of our knowledge and experience into an online marketing course exclusively for boudoir photographers. With over 25 lessons, Market Your Boudie Off will show you how to plan a marketing strategy that brings in the right clients, builds your brand and helps you win the recognition and loyalty you will need to thrive and succeed.

Market Your Boudie Off is available right now – and, for a limited time, we’re including a special free gift to say thank you for being a part of the Boudoir Business Boutique and helping us establish boudoir as the amazing industry it should be. Sign up right now to get your exclusive eBook, How to Run a Successful Boudoir Marathon!

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