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5 Boudoir Posing Techniques for Problem Areas

For boudoir posing, it is always beneficial to accentuate your client's best features and keep attention away from any “problem” areas she may have.  There are many ways to create flattering images using proper boudoir posing techniques.  The following are a few ideas for deemphasizing your client's least favourite areas:

1.  Use body parts to hide problems

While leaning forward isn't always suitable for even the flattest abs, this first image shows a great solution for hiding “problem” areas. I simply asked the client to move her arm forward and poof – belly is gone !  For boudoir posing, using the client's own body parts in – arms, hands and even the breasts – work very well for concealing any problem areas.

Boudoir Poses Problem Areas

2.  Shirts or fabrics

An alternative is to use a large men's shirt, a silk robe or some fabric.  The first image shows how a shirt can hide a tummy.  The second image shows how you can drape a shirt or fabric over your client to disguise large upper arms.

Boudoir Posing Techniques

3.  Reposition your subject

For some boudoir posing you can you can ask the client to move her position or you can simply change your camera angle to minimize overall size or conceal a particular area.  In this next image you can see how a tummy could be minimized or totally hidden by moving the client into the window and using the curtains to the photographer's advantage.

Plus Size Boudoir Posing

4.  Creative cropping to reduce areas

Either in-camera or during post processing, creative cropping is a great tool for minimizing size.  In the first image, you can see that by cropping into the arm and thigh, size is minimized for a thinner appearance.  The next image, cropping to show a smaller portion of her back can minimize a wide area and shows off a nice side curve.

Plus Size Boudoir Poses

5.  Creative cropping for very thin clients

Creative boudoir posing and cropping isn't just to hide or minimize, but to help augment size for very thin clients.  In this last image, cropping into the image and trimming off her right side creates a more voluptuous figure and plays down thin legs.

Boudoir Posing

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Boudoir Posing Guide


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