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Boudoir Posing : Angles and Arching

boudoir poses

The following images are excerpts from the new Boudoir Posing Guide 2.

Changing Angles:

The first two images show how your position and camera angle can take one pose and turn it into two completely different looks.  The only change to the pose is a slight movement of the client`s left hand. The real change is in my position and camera angle or level.  In the first image I was positioned on a step ladder shooting from above to catch a profile image. In the second image I have moved my position to squatting on the floor at just higher than bed level.  You can see how flowing around the client and looking for different angles can create many different looks from just one pose with minimal change in position by the client.  Looking for different shooting angles is great for time efficiency during your shoot and creating images that flow nicely in an an album.

Arching for Curves:

While the third image is nice, it lacks in showing off the client`s curves.  With a great back arch as shown in image two – one where the client feels as though she is trying to reach her butt to her shoulder blades – the body is much more curvy and creates a sexier image.

Boudoir Photography Poses

Boudoir Posing


Many more posing ideas, tips and tricks are available in the new Boudoir Posing Guide 2

Boudoir Poses

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