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Boudoir Posing Guide 2 Just Released

Boudoir Poses

We're so excited to announce that the Boudoir Posing Guide #2 has just been released and for a limited time is available at a special price !

Boudoir Posing Guide #2 is a great addition to the first guide or a perfect stand alone guide for a great variety of posing ideas and principles.

Included is a 36 page pdf and over 100 individual poses containing many examples of flattering poses and how to achieve them, tips and tricks on how to compensate for problem areas and to enhance your client’s best features. Hands, detail shots, bathtub poses, camera angles and variations of many poses are all covered. Also included are countless tips on how to make your client look as natural and relaxed as possible with hand and arm positioning. The art of “flow posing” is demonstrated – being able to flow from one pose to the next to keep your shoots flowing efficiently and capturing a great number of flattering, sellable images.

The 100 individual poses are ready to be uploaded to your mobile device and used as a reference during your shoots or to be studied on your computer.


The new posing guide is also available in combination with our first posing guide as well as the Boudoir Lighting Guide – visit the store to see the savings !


Boudoir Posing


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