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Boudoir Posing : Sexy Bath Images

boudoir posing ideas
Boudoir posing in the bath can be a bit of a tight spot but can create some very sexy images !

Rather than regular bath products, use dish soap to create longer lasting, denser bubbles.  Ask your client to bring along a nude colored strapless push-up bra to achieve some great cleavage.

A step ladder is helpful but also be prepared to stand on counters and toilets to get the shots !

The following sample excerpts from the Boudoir Posing Guide 2 illustrate some great ideas

• Shooting from behind, focus on the lips / shoulder for an artistic, candid shot. Glancing over the shoulder leads to a sexy look and shows off the makeup

• Shoot from a higher angle to emphasize cleavage.  Stretching the side and arching the lower back creates a great pose and shows a little more nudity.

boudoir photography posing

Many more posing ideas, tips and tricks are available in the new Boudoir Posing Guide 2

boudoir posing ideas


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