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Pre-Designing your Deluxe Album for Higher Sales

My most expensive album offering is a flushmount with “magazine” style designed layouts using one of several boudoir album templates. The medium and lower end albums are press printed hard cover books consisting of one image per page.

Pre-designing the highest album that I offer has proven to be one of the best method of up-selling to my clients. Prior to presenting their gallery, I go ahead and pre-design album spreads and then upload it for viewing using Album Exposure software.

Clients often can't picture exactly what a beautifully designed album of their own images may look like. If they are unable to picture the end result, they may purchase one of the smaller albums. The solution? Offer them a test drive! Once they can visualize how fabulous their images look in a designed album, they almost always choose that option. It has been a great up-sell for me, which is well worth the small amount of extra design.

If you are running Photoshop on a slower computer and find it takes a great deal of time to open and manipulate full-resolution album files, try designing low resolution album spreads to avoid wasting time.  It's actually really quick and simple to do. To start, take all your existing boudoir album templates and create a new folder called something such as “Low Res Templates.” Then downsize a duplicate copy of each spread to around 900px x 450px and store it within the new folder. Once the client's gallery images are prepared, use these low-resolution files, plug them in to the downsized spreads utilizing the easy to use clipping masks, flatten, save and upload using Album Exposure.

Clients often choose most of the images that are in the pre-designed album I've created, and many times, there are minimal design changes. For this reason, I now pre-design at full resolution. With a fast computer and taking advantage of pre-designed boudoir album templates, I can put a 20-page album together in approximately 15 minutes. Ultimately, I've spent a minimal amount of additional time to obtain a much larger sale.

Visit the store for a complete selection of boudoir album templates ranging from 3×3 to 10×10.

boudoir album templates

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