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Boudoir Photography – Importance of a Makeup Artist

Makeup for Boudoir
One of the most important aspects of beautiful boudoir photography is professional makeup.  Far too often, women will schedule a session and insist on doing their own makeup. As you probably know, most of us women get stuck in a makeup rut, and often don’t know the ideal ways to bring out the color of our eyes, enhance our cheekbones or flatter our lip shape. This is where offering a professional makeup artist can come to the rescue.

One benefit to offering this service to clients is that it enables them to indulge in the entire ‘experience’ of a boudoir session that includes pampering. It sets the tone for the shoot as most women feel absolutely stunning when they have their makeup professionally done.

The following are three important reasons that you should definitely partner with a professional makeup artist. Partnering with a makeup artist and hair stylist will improve the final images, and help you to bring in more clientele.

  • Professionally trained makeup artists are well versed in the different facial structures and how to enhance positive features and draw attention away from any flaws. Makeup smoothes a client's skin as well as hides blemishes and skin surface flaws. Thin or short eyelashes can be corrected with the use of false eyelashes. Eye color can be enhanced by complimenting shadow applied to the lids. Essentially, makeup plays a HUGE part in the final images.
  • Makeup makes our job of retouching much easier by smoothing skin and hiding blemishes.
  • When clients look good, they feel good. This leads to greater confidence while posing in front of the camera.

For some women, the thought of having their makeup professionally applied can be intimidating. Make sure that you let your clients know to arrive at their session with a clean face, and remind them that you will personally make sure the makeup artist takes their desires and preferences into account first and foremost.

Depending on your mua's rate, you may choose to have the makeup artist remain for the entire shoot. If she does however leave after initial application, (which is probably more cost effective) you should invest in some blotters or Bare Minerals powder to keep on hand for oil spots that may result during the session. As well, keep lip gloss and applicators handy to keep your clients lipstick looking fresh – Mac is awesome for lip gloss !

It is also important to have your mua sign a makeup artist contract as well, especially if you are using them for the first time.  It should outline your makeup artist’s responsibilities and duties to prevent issues in your working relationship, including such things as payment, insurance, liability indemnification, assignment duties, confidentiality. If you don’t already have one, you can pick up a pre-written makeup artist agreement today.

I have personally lucked out in using an excellent salon, practically across the street from my studio. They have both professionally trained hair stylists as well as makeup artists. It's not only handy but they make the client feel very pampered … and spread the word about my business leading to a great number of new clients.


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