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Boudoir Photography Products to Sell in a Time Crunch

It's a week until Christmas or a heart beat away from Valentine's day and you've got clients needing, wanting and expecting their boudoir album in time for the big surprise.  If you're product line is based on flushmount albums or press printed coffee table books and you can't meet your lab's holiday deadline then there are alternatives designed to be quick and easy.  You'll be a hero to your client by making their man's holiday wishes come true.

If you have a local lab that will furnish you with single prints in a hurry then you can easily use a peel and stick boudoir album to create a professional looking product for your client.  Most local labs can also be able to supply you with large square prints (8×8-12×12 sizes).  Using a boudoir album template  and a self assembly pre-made album, you can create a stunning product in a time pinch.

Neil Enterprises has a nice selection of black leatherette self-stick albums from wallet size to 12×12 and every size in between.  Most include a cameo area on the front cover to insert an image for a more personalized boudoir album and for a nice presentation.  Finao has a gorgeous collection of cover options for “you” assemble albums, both in self-stick and matted formats.

boudoir album templates

Boudoir album finao

An alternative to an boudoir album is a portrait folio.  These also come in the self-stick variety either in black leatherette from Neil Enterprises or matted with some very cool textured cover options from Finao.

boudoir photography folio

Digital negatives are another option to offer in a time crunch is.  Present them in a cd/dvd folio available from either suppliers, in black leatherette or a selection of fabric covers.

Digital Negatives Boudoir

Don't forget you'll still have to order ahead of time but they can be kept on hand for emergencies.  They're even beautiful enough to use as your standard boudoir albums.

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