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Boudoir Posing – YouTube for Fun Client Homework

I've been having so much fun searching YouTube !  Compiling a list of the most sexy video clips, commercials and behind the scenes footage of photo shoots, I've created what I like to call “homework” for my clients to do a little pre-session studying on boudoir posing.  Who says homework has to be boring !


Of course they don't have to look like movie stars or Victoria's Secret models but clients can definitely pick up some boudoir posing tips from these video clips on how to move and to get those sultry bedroom eyes they all want for their images.

Sending a small list of quick YouTube videos to clients, prior to their session helps to put them in the right frame of mind and gives them a foundation for boudoir posing practice.

Most clients are quite nervous when they arrive at the studio – not knowing exactly what to expect and anxious about posing and looking sexy. While I never put anyone on the spot, it's important when going through my boudoir posing process that clients feel relaxed and have a “sexy” mindset to get more natural looking results from their session.

Along with watching the video clips, I encourage them to practice boudoir posing in front of a mirror.  We all might feel a little silly trying to strut or roll around in bed like a professional lingerie model, but watching these pre-session videos has helped a great deal with getting clients to relax  and bring out their inner sexy during their boudoir photography session !

This first video is of Alessandra Ambrosio.  Yes the ultimate resource for boudoir posing – a Victoria's Secret model !

Tips that clients can take from this video include her light touch with everything – her clothes, the curtains, her hair as well as moving slowly and naturally – things some clients tend to have a difficult time with.  She pops out her hip just perfectly and elongates her body by the French doors –  something else clients can practice doing in front of a mirror.

She's also a great example for giving that sexy sultry face – a slightly open mouth, heavy sultry eyes her smile is slight and flirty rather than a big “say cheese” smile.

All in all a great of example of perfect boudoir posing tips … oh and the hotel suite is to die for !

And of course you can help your clients through the poses with the Boudoir Posing Guides in the store


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