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The Art of Flow Posing

Flow posing is an easily learned art whereby the poses you include in a boudoir session flow more naturally from one to the next. By creating almost seamless transitions between poses, you add efficiency to your photoshoots and find yourself able to capture more and more flattering, sellable images. You are looking for economy of […]

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Introducing our Free Top 10 Best Selling Poses

A good boudoir photographer uses posing that flatter the client; a great boudoir photographer can adapt their pose repertoire to any body type, situation and comfort level. Boudoir posing is an essential element of your business, whether you are a seasoned photographer changing your focus or you are building a completely new career. In this […]

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Boudoir Posing : Sexy Bath Images

Boudoir posing in the bath can be a bit of a tight spot but can create some very sexy images ! Rather than regular bath products, use dish soap to create longer lasting, denser bubbles.  Ask your client to bring along a nude colored strapless push-up bra to achieve some great cleavage. A step ladder is helpful but […]

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Boudoir Posing : Capturing the Details

For most women, the detail shots are just as important as the full body poses. Many women are having their boudoir shoot done as a wedding gift to their groom or as an anniversary gift for their husband so it’s important to focus in on the ring. Most women will tell you that one of […]

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