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The Advantages of In-Person Sales for a Boudoir Photographer

The session is over, the photographs are honed to perfection and your client is wide-eyed with excitement. You’ve invited her back to the studio for a boudoir photography in-person sales session, to unveil the images she’s been waiting to see and the fabulous products available to her. You start the slideshow, play some seductive music […]

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The Advantages of an Online Sales System for Boudoir Clients

Selling your services in person may be a time-honored technique, but it’s not necessarily the most convenient in the modern world. A boudoir online sales system for your website should at least be one option for your clients, if not your primary method of taking client’s orders. If done correctly, it won’t have a negative […]

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The Advantages of Selling Digital Negatives

In the days before digital cameras, the idea of selling negatives to a client would have floored any decent photographer – it simply wasn’t done. Relinquishing those negatives meant giving up the images forever, copyright and all, which is why it became an established policy to keep hold of them. Times have changed since the […]

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Make it Easy for Clients to Pay You

As a general rule, the easier it is for a client to pay you, the more likely they are to part with their money. A little secret of boudoir photography marketing is that easy payment options will actually increase your sales by reducing friction. A clear call to action is a powerful thing. It reduces […]

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Six Secrets to Sexier Boudoir Sales

A Guest Post by Chris Scott, Flaunt Boudoir | Preveal | Salesographer Hey party people!  I’m Chris Scott, the lead photographer over at Flaunt Boudoir, as well as a co-founder of Preveal and owner of Salesographer, which are both resources that help pro photographers kick their sales up a notch (or twenty). We’ve spent years […]

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Pre-Designing your Deluxe Album for Higher Sales

My most expensive album offering is a flushmount with “magazine” style designed layouts using one of several boudoir album templates. The medium and lower end albums are press printed hard cover books consisting of one image per page. Pre-designing the highest album that I offer has proven to be one of the best method of […]

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