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Should You Display Pricing on Your Boudoir Website?

Boudoir photography pricing is a tricky thing to get right. If you don’t display pricing information on your website, you risk frustrating those clients who want to know everything immediately and dislike the idea of sending an enquiry, then waiting for your response. You also risk alienating people who fear they’d be letting themselves in […]

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How to Handle Price Complainers

As every business owner knows, complaints are a part of life. For a boudoir photography business, a high proportion of the complaints you are likely to hear will be focused on price. Booking a session with you is a hefty investment compared to, say, a new pair of shoes or a trip to the cinema, […]

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How To Create Your Boudoir Product Line

If your boudoir photography business is the restaurant, your product list is its menu. Your clients will of course want to know that you are talented, reliable and affordable, but they will also want to be assured that they can leave the studio with just the products they were hoping for – and perhaps one […]

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