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The Importance of a Boudoir Photography Contract

The success of a boudoir session will always be partly dependent on your client. How she behaves and what she expects may seem like elements outside of your control, but that doesn’t need to be the case. With a boudoir photography contract, you can set up your client’s expectations long before she arrives at the […]

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Can a Man be a Boudoir Photographer?

It’s easy to assume that every photographer in the boudoir industry is a woman, but is that really the case? Can a male photographer start a successful boudoir photography business? If you are the consummate professional and boudoir is your passion, the answer is a resounding yes. Boudoir images shot by a male photographer will […]

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The Importance of a Boudoir Album Design Agreement

Every boudoir photography album is unique. From the gorgeous woman featured on its pages, to the lingerie she’s wearing and the personalized design, no two albums will ever be the same. The process you use to create these incredible products, on the other hand, will always follow the same steps – and it’s important that […]

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Understanding Boudoir Model Release Forms

Getting started in boudoir photography can be a painstaking affair. With so many avenues of marketing and advertising to choose from, you may find yourself struggling to tell which will be the best fit for your business and budget. Happily, there’s an easy solution to all this frustration: blogging your fabulous photography. And for that, […]

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