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10 Ways to Provide a Luxury Experience

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When it comes to your boudoir photography business you want to be sure to provide your customers with not just an impeccable end product, but an experience your customer will never forgetas well!  Just like high end massage boutiques provide candles and wine to make customers feel pampered and appreciated – you too need to create something unique that leaves your customers feeling special. 

The bottom line is, if you supply a great product AND amazing customer service making clients feel special, word of mouth advertising will be your best friend. 

The following are 10 ways you can turn an ordinary boudoir photography session into a luxury experience! 

  1. Help your client to and from her car with her wardrobe. This creates a great first impression. If shooting in a hotel, perhaps use a bell hop service.
  2. Offer choice of beverages such as sparkling waters and fruit drinks. (You could also ask customers about their favourite beverage at time of registration).  Have fresh fruit, nuts or crackers and cheese on hand as well.
  3. If you have an on-site makeup artist at your boudoir photography business – check in on your client while she gets her make-up done to make certain she is relaxing and enjoying herself.  Be sure that her preferences for hair and make-up are honoured first and foremost.
  4. Make sure your shooting space is spotless – especially the washroom.  Have a scented candle burning in the bathroom to set the mood.  Remember, nothing makes a worse impression than a dirty washroom. Also, keep incidentals on hand such as body wipes in case she needs to freshen up between wardrobes.
  5. Change the sheets and pillow cases between clients so they know everything is fresh. Using high end fabric softeners that leave a lasting scent will pay off in the end.
  6. Keep lots of essential items on hand in case she forgets anything.  Make a checklist of ALL the items YOU would need during a boudoir photography session and put all those things in an easy accessible basket for the taking.  (For instance, always have an unopened pair of thigh highs).  Also, make sure you are prepared with such things as scissors to cut tags off of new clothing.
  7. Compliment her!  Every woman LOVES compliments.  Compliment her on her hair and makeup.  If she is coming from your local salon, ask how the she liked it.   Compliment her outfits.  If you know one isn't right for her body shape or it won't be pleasing to the camera – gush about the other outfits she brought to steer her in that direction.  Remember to always be sincere and to always be positive in her presence.
  8. The boudoir photography session is ABOUT HER.  You should be a great listener and should work hard to talk about your client and her life.  Ask about her life, her family, her kids and her upcoming wedding.  Make sure the spotlight remains on HER!
  9. Make sure your boudoir photography business appeals to the 5 senses. The more your client can experience the five senses during any point in the sales process, the greater the chance they will spend more. Play music, burn cinnamon scented candles, offer fresh fruit, play relaxing music in the background and ALWAYS have samples of your products on hand for your client to see and touch.
  10. Make parting sweet sorrow.  Clients are often tired after the session and may not have eaten all day.  Sending her home with a parting gift and/or a snack or a coffee is a great way to say goodbye. 

Keep in mind that repeat business and referrals are most often given based on what people FEEL.  Sure, other photographers might be cheaper, but most people will splurge when they feel they are getting both great products and a once in a lifetime experience.  Feel free to allow your own personality to shine in the process which will help you attract even more clientele. 



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