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Top 10 items to keep on hand at your boudoir sessions

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The following is a quick list of must-have items to keep on hand during a boudoir photography session.  Keep a basket ready to go at all times with these items.

1.  Powder – in particular bareMinerals by Bare Escentuals or skin blotters. Either of these will help avoid oily or shine spots on foreheads, cheeks and noses.

2.  Drinking straws – for beverages helps keep your client's lipstick intact

3.  Lip gloss (Mac is the best!) to keep the shine on their lips and enhance their lipstick.  Also keep a box of q-tips for applying so clients are sharing the same product.

4.  Visine – to take the red out of blot shot eyes

5.  Eye lash glue – sometimes those suckers start falling off in the middle of shoot so be prepared with some extra glue.

6.  Small scissors – for cutting off tags  (especially in lace panties). It's much easier to cut off tags before shooting than fixing later in Photoshop.

7.  Safety pins – for broken straps, garter clasps and other wardrobe malfunctions

8.  Extra pairs of thigh highs – clients sometimes forget to bring them so it's a nice item to have handy. Don't forget to buy different sizes.

9.  Men's white shirts – large and small. If clients bring them along, they tend to be too wrinkled to use.  It's nice to offer them a freshly ironed shirt to wear instead.

10.  Product samples – you have to have samples in order to sell.

What essentials do you keep on hand during your boudoir shoots ?  We'd love to hear from you !


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  • kendra gill - October 23, 2012 - 10:30 pm

    I also keep clear fingernail polish in case someone catches a heel or something on stockings.

    Double stick tape for keeping lingerie in the right places too.ReplyCancel

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