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Ten Tips for Starting Your Boudoir Photography Business

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Ten tips for starting your boudoir photography business:

1.  Practice makes perfect.  Don't officially open your doors to paying clients until your portfolio is top notch.  Practice with different body types to perfect your boudoir posing skills. Take a workshop or purchase a book on boudoir lighting and perfect your lighting in any situation.

2. Consistency. Make sure you are able to produce high quality images consistently across all sessions.  I would suggest you include images taken at workshops but don't let these make up your entire portfolio.  Be sure you have mastered the skills on your own and can consistently produce the same results.

3.  Boundaries.  Know what your boundaries are as far as shooting nudes, couples sessions and other requests that  may arise.  Create a set of policies that suit you and your business model.

4. Target Market. Know who your target client is.  Define your ideal client as a part of your marketing plan to avoid targeting the wrong crowd and wasting your marketing dollars.

5.  Business Registration and Insurance.  Most countries require that you register your business and open a tax account. In addition, ensure your business is covered for both liability and equipment insurance. Never take chances without either.

6.  Branding.  Have your branding designed or purchase pre-made a boudoir business set.  Start using it right away to establish a recognizable brand for your business.

7.  Pricing. Set your boudoir pricing before you start taking on paying clients.  Know your pricing when showing your products and don't allow for deals or bartering. Identify what you are worth and remember that you are in business to make money.

8.  Website.  Start your boudoir website when you feel you're almost ready.  It will take time to build up your search engine ranking. By starting early you'll be ahead of the game when you are ready to take on paying clients. Have a clear web presence and a great portfolio for viewing.

9.  Social media.  Set up a Facebook page and Twitter account and invite all your current friends and clients to follow you. A social media presence is important in getting your name in front of potential clients.

10.  Samples. Have printed samples of your boudoir products on hand.  It's difficult for clients to purchase something they have never seen or held in their hands.  Have at least one of each of your boudoir albums and other product offerings available for clients to see.

And last but not least … have fun with it !!


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